New In Town

After closing Littlegemsbygem Etsy shop and all linked social media accounts it is now time to combine my illustrated designs with my tradition artwork. This has been tricky as both are so different from each other. So I decided to do it in stages, the first stage is already underway I have been busy photographing all my new products and all new content will be coming soon. The first release is already available on my Etsy shop And will soon be available on my website as well. Before that my website will need some more revisions so that it reflects my new style and can accommodate many more new additions as I plan to continue my shop throughout my university degree. Once revised my website will not only be a place to buy my artwork but will be a documentary of my university experience and the work I have created during the next three years. I hope you will enjoy the changes I have and will make and you will follow me on my journey through university and beyond.

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